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St. Anthony's aims to provide high quality education in a caring, supportive and Catholic environment, infused by Christ's Gospel, in order that each of our pupils is able to develop fully as an individual, well-adjusted to the wider community.

Westminster Prep Schools Tournament

On Sunday our U10 A team met at Westminster, on a sunny morning for their annual prep schools football tournament. For the morning group stages we drew Thomas’s Fulham, Fulham Prep and Rokeby.

Match 1 vs Thomas’s Fulham
The first match was always to be a test especially in terms of trying to settle the boys after they had (rightly) arrived on the day full of energy and excitement. This energy initially converted on to the pitch positively and it was clear the boys had really turned up to play to their fullest. We remained on top for the lion’s share of the game, with numerous chances in front of goal going begging. Unfortunately, as has been the case in previous games this season, the warnings about all-out attack leaving gaps at the back came to fruition at the cruellest of moments as our opposition put one in our net with the penultimate kick of the game. Final score 1-0 Thomas’s Fulham and some tears after the game from our boys.

Match 2 vs Rokeby
Our second match had an altogether different feel and the boys began in earnest with a more rounded and mature playing style. Before the break of the half we went ahead which gave us the added boost we needed. The boys learnt from the previous game and did not allow the defensive shape to slip, conceding one but quickly responding with another. A solid performance against a strong opposition who had been previous runners up of the competition. Final score 3-1 St Anthony’s.

Match 3 vs Fulham Prep
Encouraged by the success of the second game, the boys opened their third game with confidence and perhaps a little too much of it. They were lucky not to concede early and kept themselves level thanks to some scrambled defending. This was perhaps the best thing that could have happened as the boys quickly realised that they would not walk through this one. They held their own and played well in all areas of the field, soaking up pressure and attacking at opportune moments. Final score 2-1 St Anthony’s.

After the group stages we were joint top of the group on 6 points with two other teams. This meant it would be decided on goals scored which placed us second in the group and then on goals conceded which still found us level with Thomas’s Fulham. It was therefore decided they would go through to the cup as they had beaten us 1-0 in our first game and we would play in the plate.

Plate Quarter Final vs The Beacon
During this match the organisation and communication that we had been working on throughout the day came through and the boys looked a very fluid team. It was however not a foregone conclusion and The Beacon put up some strong resistance. Our boys managed to break ahead by one and defended well to keep themselves up. Final score 1-0 St Anthony’s.

Plate Semi Final vs Hill House
Hill House presented a different challenge in the way that they approached the game and one that we managed to adapt to well. Each player put in a solid performance in this game and we turned out to be too strong for our opposition once again. During the early stages Hill House looked dominant but thanks to some excellent finishing we went ahead and stayed there. Final score 3-1 St Anthony’s.

Plate Final vs Fulham Prep
Having already played and won against our final opponents it would be key not to allow any complacency to set in. Naturally the final was a toughly fought and physical match. For the first half St Anthony’s were very much on top and displayed their dominance with 3 goals in rapid succession to go into the half 3-0 up. The second half, however, saw Fulham come out all guns blazing and with a clear refusal to accept such a convincing defeat, the match took on an even more physical edge. Fulham clawed their way back into the game scoring two but our boys were resilient and put their bodies on the line after a long day’s play, so much so that we took an injury in the form of a broken arm during the closing stages. A true test of character! Final score 3-2 St Anthony’s.

Overall the boys lost only one match (our first) all day and were extremely unlucky not to go through to the cup where they likely would have been contenders given that both Rokeby and Thomas’s Fulham featured in the latter stages (both teams we had beaten). A great day’s football and a great day for the school in a wonderful setting

Marc Montague