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St. Anthony's aims to provide high quality education in a caring, supportive and Catholic environment, infused by Christ's Gospel, in order that each of our pupils is able to develop fully as an individual, well-adjusted to the wider community.

Under 11 A & B football vs Lyndhurst

This contest consisted of two games for the A team against Lyndhurst’s A team and two games for the B team against Lyndhurst’s B team.

First up were the B team. Despite great endeavour and creating several good opportunities to score, they were caught on the counter attack three times, leaving the opposition with three easy chances to score, therefore losing 3-0.

The A team took to the field next, looking to finally convert their dominant performances into the wins they so deserved. The team had a strong spine from defence to attack and started the game with great energy and improving composure. They took the lead in the first half after passing around the opposition’s area confidently, before Mathew accurately slotted a shot from outside the area into the bottom corner of the goal. They continued to press the opposition well and limit them to long passes forward that tended to go straight to our goalkeeper, Joseph. They were eventually able to consolidate their win with a slick series of passes in Lyndhurst’s area, before Mathew again slammed a clinical finish into the far corner of the goal from just inside the area. The game finished 2-0, but could have been more convincing had they converted some of their other chances.

The second game for the B team saw them take to the field with the instruction to man mark at the back with more focus and energy ringing in their ears. The boys approached this game with great intent, buoyed by the performance of the A team. Not only were they able to control the opposition’s play much more effectively, but they were also very unlucky not score themselves, as they created some excellent chances following fluid team-approach play.

The second game for the A team proved to be another dominant display. Strong defensive cover was provided throughout the game from Adam and Luca, while Mathew and Nicola linked up well with the effervescent Vasco in attack. St. Anthony’s took the lead in the first half when Nicola received the ball with his back to goal just outside the opponents’ area; despite being closely marked he turned and went round two players before calmly slotting the ball home. They extended their lead in the second half when Mathew received the ball on the left wing and then expertly lobbed a cross over a crowded area to Nicola at the far post, who headed the ball in for his second of the game.  The A team finished 2-0 winners, but again limited the opposition to long balls and could have scored more themselves.

Overall, it was a very pleasing display from both teams, the A team dominating throughout and the B team improving greatly in their second game.