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St. Anthony’s Under 11 Hockey vs The Hall – Monday 24th February 2014

A Team

This was the warm up match for next week’s UCS tournament, which our Under 11 team has won the cup for in the last two years. The Hall were good opponents to have, as they always perform at a high standard. This proved to be the case, as the match ebbed and flowed in an exciting end to end contest. Both teams were creating chances in the first half, with both goalkeepers (Freddie in Year 6 for St. Anthony’s) making a string of fine saves; however, it was The Hall who found the back of the net first and soon extended their lead to 2 – 0. St. Anthony’s had been defending with quite a high line and were caught on the counter-attack twice, allowing The Hall striker to have plenty of time to finish unchallenged. Nevertheless, St. Anthony’s team spirit did not wilt, as they piled on the pressure on The Hall’s goal. They soon put the ball in the back of the net with a fine shot across goal from Zac into the far corner. Unfortunately, I had to disallow the goal as it was taken just outside the area. This disappointment did not last long, as St. Anthony’s soon equalised through Henry a few minutes before half time after more sustained attacking pressure.

With the score at 2 – 1 to The Hall, the second half started with similar verve and intensity to the first half. Again both teams displayed quality, creating opportunities to score. Freddie, in the St. Anthony’s goal, again did very well to deny The Hall on several occasions, as did his counterpart in the opposition goal. However, the deadlock in the second half was finally broken by young Joshua, whose energetic display was one of the highlights of the match. The confidence visibly flooded through the St. Anthony’s team after the equaliser and the uncertainty crept into The Hall’s performance. Soon after the equalizer, some nervous defending from The Hall and intense pressure from several St. Anthony’s players led to Henry taking the lead for the St. Anthony’s team. With only a couple of minutes remaining, both teams continued to press each other and created good opportunities to score, but resolute defending from both teams eventually saw the game finish 3 – 2 in St. Anthony’s favour. Nonetheless, it was a close and entertaining game, which hopefully reminded our Under 11 team of some valuable defensive lessons before next week’s UCS Tournament.

Anthony (Hockey Coach)

B Team

The whistle blew and The Hall started well; again and again they kept shooting. Our defence was helpless and our goalkeeper, Tom made lots of great saves. He eventually let a few in, but he was not to blame; he had an amazing game. We had a few chances ourselves, but The Hall’s defence held strong before half time and they led 5 – 0.

The second half started well for St. Anthony’s, with us taking an early goal through Jesse. His extremely powerful shot flew into The Hall’s goal, past their helpless goalkeeper. As the game drew near to the end, the ball was in our possession. I passed it down to Fletcher, who crossed it so strongly into the box that Alex just needed to angle his stick and deflect the ball, as it deflected gracefully into the back of the net. It was 5 – 2. We may have lost, but we gave it our best.

Phillippos (Year 5)

C Team

As we arrived at Power League, we were full of high hopes. Our starting team included Rohan, Sasha, Jay, Shanmukh, Julien and Theo; I was a substitute. It was a really good team. The match kicked off and everyone was bolting at the ball. After a few foot fouls and passes, the first goal was scored by the opposing team, The Hall. It was 1 – 0. Soon enough, our Shanmukh scored back. We knew we were on a winning track. When an opponent went past our midfielders, the defenders knew their jobs. They defended our goal until the rest of the team came back to help defend. The Hall’s striker had a shot against Jay (our goalkeeper) which rebounded back towards the striker. He hit the ball towards goal again and I stopped it, but the opposition team thought it was a goal; so a disagreement ensued. The referee put an end to it by awarding a penalty to The Hall, which they scored to lead again. It was close to the end of the half and soon we were feeling gloomy.

As the second half begun, things got worse. We were soon 3 – 1 down. Although Shanmukh kept our team in the game: 3 – 2! Shanmukh had scored again. Knowing that we were only one goal from being level, the whole team improved. Tackle after tackle, pass after pass, we played until our feet were aching and hands were sweating; and it was now no surprise when Shanmukh scored our equalizer. Everybody was cheering. From then on things just got better. Like magic, Shanmukh scored a final goal. We could not believe it! A bunch of Year 5 boys with one Year 6 boy had gone from 3 – 1 down to win 4 – 3. It was an amazing match that will leave a print on our hearts.

Joaquin (Year 5)