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St. Anthony's aims to provide high quality education in a caring, supportive and Catholic environment, infused by Christ's Gospel, in order that each of our pupils is able to develop fully as an individual, well-adjusted to the wider community.

Dance Show 2016

This week, our boys put on a dance show full of zest and skill. Sadie and her troupe rightly received an eruption of applause at the close of a show characterised by talent, enthusiasm and fun.  I hope you will get a flavour of the show from the pictures below.

To quote one of the songs danced to brilliantly by one of our Year 7 pupils:


I can't really explain it, I haven't got the words

It's a feeling that you can't control

I suppose it's like forgetting, losing who you are

And at the same time something makes you whole


It's like that there's a music, playing in your ear

And I'm listening, and I'm listening, and then I disappear


And then I feel a change, like a fire deep inside

Something bursting me wide open, impossible to hide

And suddenly I'm flying, flying like a bird

Like Electricity, electricity


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