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St. Anthony's aims to provide high quality education in a caring, supportive and Catholic environment, infused by Christ's Gospel, in order that each of our pupils is able to develop fully as an individual, well-adjusted to the wider community.

Colts A vs The Hall 24.2.14


We drove to The Hall’s sports ground on a grey afternoon. We were short of two players but managed to find two very good replacements, Tristan A (Year 5) and Nicola V. We were very eager to see what would happen when the game started because we knew we were playing a tough team. From the start, The Hall received the ball and ran at us. We were doing well in the first 3 minutes but then something came over us and we began to not quite play the St. Anthony’s way. The Hall ran and ran at us and finally found a gap on the wing for a try. The Hall missed the conversion so we were only 5-0 down. The moment we restarted, the Hall darted straight at us. There were a couple of missed tackles, and after losing out in some toughly contested rucks, The Hall managed to dive across our try line. Learning from this, we managed to hang on in the rucks after their tries and contest for the ball.

St. Anthony’s won a scrum and managed to get the ball to James who passed it to Joseph and we passed it all the way to the wing where Nicola was in the right place to score the try. We were hanging on, but let ourselves down slightly in defence as we didn’t press up as a line, which meant we again missed a few tackles and lost a ruck – which let them drive through us to score, though they missed the conversion. We were starting to get our heads down, knowing the task we had in the second half – but we knew it would always be possible for us to get back in the game if we showed determination and played the way we knew we could.

Going into the second half, despite being 3 points behind, we came on to the pitch and really pressured them. All in all it was a great team effort, and thanks to a mix of great play and tenacity, a try from James and a few missed conversions from them, we were back in the running.

The last ten minutes were extremely tight. You could clearly see that St. Anthony's had upped their game and were playing at an entirely different level. The Hall had a very strong scrum and dominated the malls in the first half, but our players, especially Theo H and Gabriel T, were guarding the ball at the rucks spectacularly. The Hall had some very quick runners and did catch us on the break many a time; however strong tackles were put in and we gained a foothold in the game. Time passed by slowly and every tackle put in made us a step closer to giving up. Until suddenly in the last 3 minutes, James E took hold of the ball from a line-out and performed a tremendous run for a try which took us level with the Hall, 24-24. Then all pressure on Jo G: we had to score that conversion to put us in the lead. We knew with the clock against us we probably wouldn't get another chance to put any points on for the rest of the game.

A wonderful kick bombed through the posts and our whole team had a burst of happiness. But the game was not over yet and for the rest of the match we had to cling on to the lead. We just managed to cling on despite brave attempts at counter-attack by The Hall. In the end we won an extremely tight game which was more like a battle. The close score line shows little of how hard we worked; each and every one of us came off the field absolutely shattered. The victory however is testament to our resolve and determination under intense pressure. Probably the hardest fixture of the season had ended in triumph for St. Anthony's. Congratulations to all!

By Vasco F, Mathew O and Theo H