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Carducci Quartet Visit


 On Thursday afternoon, boys in the senior house enjoyed an hour away from lessons and had the pleasure of being entertained by one of today’s most successful string quartets: The Carducci Quartet.

"...the Carducci String Quartet were stunning...they are clearly musicians of high intelligence..."

The Times

"...high-octane playing balanced control with devil-may-care spontaneity..."The Guardian

Highly celebrated for their interpretations of contemporary repertoire, the Carducci Quartet is regularly invited to premiere new works and recent highlights include a new String Quartet by John McCabe, written especially for them.  This was just one of the many and varied pieces of string quartet music the boys heard this afternoon.  We also heard Haydn, Beethoven, Dvořák, Ravel, Piazzolla, Glass and one of the wonderfully exciting Webern Bagatelles, where the boys were introduced to instrumental techniques such as pizzicato, glissando, playing over the bridge and, even at times, hitting their instruments so hard that they were in danger of cracking! Our boys were extremely surprised to hear that the violin in the quartet was over 300 years old.

It was obvious that the boys enjoyed this concert immensely.  They were full of questions for the musicians and even had a go at some unusual conducting techniques; Alex Truuvert conducted with a specially designed sting quartet remote control and other boys in year 8 attempted to remove and replace special musical hats during the Beethoven melodies.

Our sincere and warmest thanks go out to the musicians of the quartet for providing such high quality performances and also to their sponsor Cavatina Chamber Music Trust, who made this most enjoyable concert possible.

Karl Leutfeld

Director of Music