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St. Anthony's aims to provide high quality education in a caring, supportive and Catholic environment, infused by Christ's Gospel, in order that each of our pupils is able to develop fully as an individual, well-adjusted to the wider community.

Senior Rugby Match Reports 

St. Anthony’s 1st XIII v Hill House

St. Anthony’s were ready and raring to go for their first rugby fixture of the season on the 21st of January. The ground was in perfect condition for a rugby match, and it wasn’t that cold either! Hill House couldn’t produce a 2nd team so most of the thirty rugby boys in years seven and eight played a bit of the match. This suited Andrew, Johnny and Paul C fine because it gave them a chance to see us all play rugby and who played well in what position. The year sevens and eights had only had two or three sessions at Brondesbury before the match.

 St. Anthony’s started the game extremely well, with a last grasp tackle by a Hill House defender denying Mathew O a try. Even though Hill House had a bigger pack, the St. Anthony’s forwards were winning the scrums and 60% of the lineouts. The first try of the game came from a penalty deep in Hill House’s half for St. Anthony’s. The tap and go went to Benedict M who was tacked just before the line but made a great offload to Luke M who scored in the corner. The conversion went wide. The rest of the half was extremely tight, with St. Anthony’s nearly scoring another try. Hill House almost levelled the game near the end of the half if it were not for Harrison C forcing the opposition’s winger out of play. The half time score: 5-0 to St .Anthony’s.

 Hill House came jumping out of the starting blocks for the second half, with Adam R making some great try stopping tackles. In the end Hill House broke through the St. Anthony’s back line to score in the corner. They missed the conversion. The score was 5-5 with St. Anthony’s pressurising the Hill House defence. Unfortunately for them they couldn’t find the perfect finish as Hill House regained the ball. With fifteen minutes to go Hill House took control of the match.  The second Hill House try came from a great run by their fly half. They narrowly missed the conversion. The St. Anthony’s defence was beginning to tire; even Adam R who had made countless big hits from full back couldn’t stop Hill House going over the try line to score with five minutes remaining. Hill House’s conversion deflected off the post and went over for the additional points. It was in the last play of the game that the fast Hill House winger found some space to score the last try of the game. They missed the conversion.

 An unfortunate result that did not reflect the first three quarters of the match but a very good display by a team that hasn’t played that much rugby this season.

 Final Score: St. Anthony’s 5 - Hill House 22

Man of the Match: Adam R

 Written by James